Enrollment Information

At 5 Years



Children are entitled to start school on the day they have their fifth birthday. Although children may be pre-enrolled prior to this. They must generally enter a school by the time they are six or have parents who have met the Ministry's criteria for an exemption.


As a child approaches the age of five, parents are expected to complete formal enrolment documentation. Following this, they are encouraged to attend the school a number of times to help the child make the transition as easy as possible. This means that the child can come along on their fifth birthday and join in the classroom activities with the other children when they begin at 08:55 and feel at home. These procedures are outlined more fully in the section Pre-School Liaison below.

Items Required/Discussed


 When you enroll your child you will be asked to supply or complete one or two forms supplying various types of information as follows;

Enrolment Form - for school records - details such as name, parents, home address, legal guardians, emergency contacts, early childhood education, special education/health needs etc.


Immunisation Certificate - New Entrants, those starting school for the first time in New Zealand, will need a certificate showing their immunisation status. Please arrange with your GP/Medical Centre and furnish the school with a photocopy. This may already be entered on ENROL, the national student database, by health professionals.


Birth Certificate - to verify both age and eligibility. Children may not attend school as a student before their fifth birthday. Schools are legally required to record verification that they have sighted the child's birth certificate or NZ passport and may take a copy.



Get a Birth Certificate

You may be able to arrange this over the phone. Check by ringing this number first...
0800 22 77 77 (They will accept payment by credit card for phone orders.)


The enrolment of new pupils is conducted by the principal and covers topics such as:

  • Pre-school experience(s).

  • If of Māori descent, that the correct iwi affiliation is recorded.

  • Considerations re needs/abilities or referrals to Public Health Nurse, Speech Therapist etc.

  • Any further points requiring clarification - ie buses or conveyance allowance; stationery; expectations generally; parental involvement in school activities; reporting et al.


Please contact the school for more information or to arrange a visit.