The Board of Trustees is a group elected by the school community every three years. Seddon School BOT comprises of 5 parent representatives, the principal and one elected staff representative.

The board is the governing body of the school. They are also the employer of staff and the custodians of all the school property.

The BOT is responsible for:

  • The governance of the school

  • The making and implementing of policies

  • The accountability for the correct use of government funds

  • The maintenance of the school and buildings

  • Consultation with parents

  • Working with the principal and staff for excellence at the school

Parents and prospective parents are welcome to contact the BOT with questions, comments or concerns:

BOT Chairman     Marcus van Asch

Vice Chairman     Grant Allan

Principal               Tania Pringle

Staff Rep               Rochelle Bezuidenhout

Self Review          Amanda Hunt

Property                Marcus van Asch

Finance                  Rochelle Bezuidenhout

Health/Safety    Angus Moore

BOT Secretary    Joanne Cameron